Get ready to play a pagan ritual in The Midnight Game, details inside

Y'all up for a pagan ritual this Friday night? Fuck yeah you are...simply sign up for THE MIDNIGHT GAME below!

THE MIDNIGHT GAME is a new horror flick from A.D. Calvo, who was kind enough to drop off some casting info in our inbox today. Good man!

The flick is about a group of high-school students who become trapped in an old house and are haunted by their worst nightmares after playing a pagan ritual on a dare.

Sounds like a good time, right? Fuckin-A!

Starring in the film are Renee Olstead (as Kaitlan James), Valentina de Angelis (as Jenna Hicks), Spencer Daniels (as Jeff Walker), Guy Wilson (as Shane), Shelby Young (as Rose), Deborah Twiss (as Kaitlan's mom Noreen).

THE MIDNIGHT GAME isn't expected till sometime in 2013. Keep it here of visit the Official Site for the flick for more.

Renee Olstead, I will gladly play a midnight game with you any day!

Extra Tidbit: You got a favorite spooky game you like to play?
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