Get revved up with the first Texas Chainsaw TV spot

The first TV spot for TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D is finally here. After endlessly analyzing previous trailers, stills, and poster art, Leatherface fans can check out the video below for a bit of new footage and creepy voice-over dialogue (not John Laroquette's narration though-- bummer).

Am I the only one who finds it surprising that Lionsgate is marketing the film as a sequel to the original? I figured the studio would use the connection as a hook to reel the remake-haters back into the fold. To my delight, TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D has made the "In 1974..." angle as its major marketing ploy. It isn't an original approach (it's virtually identical to the taglines for TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2-4), but I like that Lionsgate believes the legacy of Tobe Hooper's classic will get asses in seats.

John Luessenhop directs the flick, which stars Alexandra Daddario, Scott Eastwood, Trey Songz, Sue Rock, and Tania Raymonde (pictured below). Dan Yeager takes up the mask as Leatherface (and appears to be doing a great job) while Bill Moseley and John Dugan return to the franchise as Drayton Sawyer and Grandpa, repsectively. TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D hits theaters January 4th, so crank up your chainsaw with the spot below.

Extra Tidbit: TCM '74 star Marilyn Burns plays Verna Carson in the film. TEXAS CHAINSAW 2 was written by L.M. Kit Carson, so we can only assume it's gotta be homage (even though the new film doesn't follow TCM 2's plot).



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