Get taken in by these trailers for the art-house horror The Taking

Every so often we come across a teaser or trailer for a film that seemingly comes out of nowhere that impresses us enough to want to know and see more, and today we have a look at one of those rare films in THE TAKING, a new art-house horror film coming at us from the filmmaking duo known as The BAPartists (Cezil Reed & Lydelle Jackson) that will screen in competition for the New Visions category at the Sitges Film Festival next month.

Along with the very intriguing trailers you will find below we have the following synopsis for THE TAKING, which sounds very promising indeed.

The Taking is a cinematic experience of light and sound. It’s a film made with balls and intellectual muscle. In this film you will discover horrific art told via grisly images and two tales of woe…

The experience begins with Carl who seeks to murder his best friend and adulterous fiancé. Unexpectedly, he awakens in a wooded wasteland. He has no idea as to where he is or how he got there. A sinister family now holds him captive along with another victim named Jade. They’re subjected to arcane rituals and are left tied to a tree for several days.

When Carl looks back on their grisly experience in the forest, he comes to the realization that they’re not just in the woods; rather, they are in a place where people go to fight the vices living inside of them. The losing of this fight is something far worse than death; it’s the utter damnation of one’s very soul.

THE TAKING stars John Halas, Alana Jackler, Lynnette Gaza, Gordon Price, Olivia Szego, Frank Bliss, Linda Kennedy, Lynn Mastio Rice and Nick Hanson. Hopefully we'll be hearing and seeing more from this very interesting-looking film soon. Until then, check out the U.S. teaser and the International Trailer for the film below.

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of the trailers for THE TAKING? Does it look like your kinda flick?



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