Get the latest scoop on the Total Recall remake from director Len Wiseman

The peeps over at Total Film managed to catch director Len Wiseman (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, UNDERWORLD) and chat him up in regards to his upcoming remake of TOTAL RECALL. Have a look at some excerpts from the interview below:

On how his movie will differ from the Verhoeven/Schwarzenegger classic, Wiseman said:

"One of the main things that’s different in this version is a vulnerability that I really wanted the character of Doug Quaid to have. Colin got himself in wicked shape for this film but I didn’t want the focus to be ‘Who’s going to be the next Arnold replacement?’. When it first surfaced, every WWF wrestler was linked to it, and that was the opposite direction of the way I wanted to go."

On the scale of the film in comparison to Wiseman's previous projects, he said:

"It’s about five times as large. We’ve got something like 1,800 visual-effects shots. Even though I still do as much practically as possible, it’s still an enormous visual-effects film. It’s the most ambitious movie I’ve ever done."

Bigger than John McClane, then? Neat. It's also great to hear that Wiseman likes to keep his fx as practical as possible, even if the movie is probably going to be CG-heavy. Not trying to imitate Arnold seems like a rational decision as well. Let the movie be its own thing.

TOTAL RECALL stars Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Ethan Hawke, Bryan Cranston and Bill Nighy. The movie hits theaters on August 3rd. We'll keep you posted on more info, as it rolls in.

TOTAL RECALL star and Len Wineman's muse Kate Beckinsale



Source: Total Film



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