Ghostwatch writer and director team on Extrasensory, starring Toby Kebbell

Ghostwatch BBC horror Pipes

A few weeks ago, we extolled the virtues of GHOSTWATCH, the 1992 BBC mockumentary that fooled a nation into believing they were actually witnessing paranormal activity. (GHOSTWATCH is now on Shudder, btw.) While the creative team behind it have never quite topped that singular achievement, it's still exciting to see them get together for a new scarefest.

GHOSTWATCH director Lesley Manning and writer Stephen Volk (who also penned the pretty good supernatural thriller THE AWAKENING starring Rebecca Hall) are teaming up for EXTRASENSORY, reports Screen Daily. Toby Kebbell (KONG: SKULL ISLAND, FANTASTIC FOUR) has been cast in the film in a dual role.

Kebbell plays twin brothers who are recruited for a top-secret experiment by Soviet Russia to test the power of telepathic communication.

Not a whole lot more is known about the film yet, but you'd better believe we'll be keeping an eye on it. Shooting will commence in late October 2017. Funnily enough, GHOSTWATCH premiered on October 31st.

Take a look back at GHOSTWATCH with the video below:

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Source: Screen Daily



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