Gina Carano joins Jason Mewes serial killer film Madness in the Method

Gina Carano

The "Jay" of comedy duo Jay and Silent Bob, Jason Mewes is making his feature directorial debut with MADNESS IN THE METHOD, a serial killer film in which he stars as himself - and this fictional version of Jason Mewes also happens to be the serial killer.

As Mewes describes it, MADNESS IN THE METHOD 

is set in an alternate universe where Kevin Smith gives me some advice to try taking on 'method' acting in order to help me to be taken seriously as an actor with real range in Hollywood. Problem is that the process slowly begins to send me mad as I take to method acting a little too well!"

When we first reported on this film back in December, it was already clear that Mewes had managed to assemble a cool cast for his movie, with his co-stars including Kevin Smith, Teri Hatcher, Dean Cain, comics legend Stan Lee, Mickey Gooch Jr., Matt Willis, Casper Van Dien, Judd Nelson, and Danny Trejo. It has now been revealed that Gina Carano is also in the cast, playing the wife of Jason Mewes.

I became a fan of Carano's well before she started appearing in films like HAYWIRE, FAST & FURIOUS 6, and DEADPOOL, although I never watched a single one of her Muay Thai / MMA fights. Fueled by nostalgia for the original iteration of American Gladiators, I was a weekly viewer of the 2008 version of the show, which featured Carano as the gladiator Crush. I've enjoyed watching her move on from battling opponents as a gladiator to kicking ass in movies. It remains unclear, however, if Jason Mewes's wife will be kicking ass in MADNESS IN THE METHOD.

Produced by Mewes, Dominic Burns, and Rob Weston, MADNESS IN THE METHOD was written by Burns and Christopher Anastasi. 

Gina Carano

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