Gina Gershon & Peter Stormare headed to the Mall with Vincent D'Onofrio

Last month I told you all about a new flick heading our way about a dude that goes apesh*t in a mall and starts shooting things up. Remember that shite? The flick was called MALL and had Joe Hahn, of Linkin Park, directing with Vincent D'Onofrio producing and starring. Now we've got word on who will be joining Mr. D'Onofrio in the flick!

According to Variety this thing has put together a pretty intriguing cast that includes newcomers Gina Gershon, Peter Stormare, Mimi Rogers and Gbenga Akinnagbe. Am I the only one a little upset that Stormare (right) isn't playing the madman? Just look at him! But hey, casting Gina Gershon (below) is always a good thing so I'm sold regardless.

Described as a “dark drama,” MALL follows the empty and sordid lives of various mall-goers who are brought into stark relief when a disgruntled former tuxedo shop employee goes on a massive killing spree. It will feature the music of Linkin Park.

Cameron Monaghan, James Frecheville, India Menuez and Michael Kenneth Williams also star in MALL, which is currently filming in Los Angeles. Monaghan will play a teen stoner, while Menuez will play the object of his affection. Gershon will play a randy housewife who catches the eye of a voyeuristic businessman (D'Onofrio). Akinnagbe will play the mall security guard tasked with stopping the shooter (Frecheville), whose mother and former boss will be played by Rogers and Stormare, respectively.

Hopefully more goods from this one spill our way soon!

Extra Tidbit: Chelsea Handler and Eric Bogosian were originally set to star in the film, which is based on the book Bogosian penned back in 2001.
Source: Variety



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