Godzilla gets a rewrite from Iron Man 3 scribe Drew Pearce

Ever since that kickass teaser trailer premiered at Comic-Con this past July (c'mon Warner Bros., unleash it online already!), Legendary Pictures' GODZILLA has been on the fast track, barreling toward a May 2014 release with Gareth Edwards at the helm. Now that things are really starting to pick up, it looks like the studio wants to give the screenplay a little spit-polish.

Drew Pearce, who has jumped into the screenwriting A-list with his work on IRON MAN 3 and SHERLOCK HOLMES 3, has been tapped to do a quick rewrite of the GODZILLA script, which has been worked on by David S. Goyer (BATMAN BEGINS) and Max Borenstein (THE SEVENTH SON). Pearce's work on the film apparently won't last much longer than a month.

According to Variety, Pearce's four-week polish isn't being done because Legendary has any major problems with the script; "it wants to age up the characters so that they fit the prototype of the actors they would like to target."

Does that indicate the original characters were on the younger side?

We'll see the new and improved GODZILLA on MAY 16, 2014.

IRON MAN 3 star Rebecca Hall

Extra Tidbit: Maybe Pearce's involvement will get Robert Downey Jr. on board, since he's obviously a fan.
Source: Variety



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