Godzilla's reboot has a start date

Jesus Christ, Warner Brothers. You're taking your sweet ass time with that Legendary Pictures reboot of GODZILLA. I appreciate your dedication to taking the time to get it right, but seriously, get it in gear. I mean, you really expect me to wait till 2014 to see the Big G in action?

Oh, sorry-- I nearly missed the meat of the news story. It seems production is set to begin this March on GODZILLA. Of course, MONSTERS filmmaker Gareth Edwards will be directing the reboot, but it is worth noting producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee have left production due to other commitments. Otherwise, everything should be going according to plan.

The film will be released- ugh- May 16th, 2014. Keep on the lookout for further updates and go-go Godzilla (..'zilla..'zilla..'zilla...)!

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Godzilla movie? I'm a sucker for GODZILLA VS MEGALON myself. And yes, I expect goddamned Jet Jaguar to be in the reboot. He has the best theme song ever.
Source: HitFix



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