Gold Circle Films tap Laura Harrington to adapt fantasy novel Quicksilver

I know fantasy/adventure flicks walk a fine line on whether they'd actually be considered genre or not but when said fantasy/adventure involves hidden alien foes in a dreary English village, well that sounds like something right down our alley!

I'm talking about the novel QUICKSILVER, by Sam Osman. Word coming in from Variety today has Gold Circle Films tapping scribe Laura Harrington with the task of adapting QUICKSILVER, which was published in the UK via Scholastic Books. Check this one out:

The novel recounts the tale of three disparate middle school students who are confronted by the truth of their bloodlines and their prophesied role as humanity's only defense against an alien occupation force. They must figure out who in their dreary English village is an alien foe and who may be a secret ally in their fight to save the world.

Simple enough, right? But dare I say there's actually some potential here? Any of you out there have a chance to read QUICKSILVER? Do us a solid and spit some bullets below letting us know what type of film to expect!

Gold Circle Films' Paul Brooks will be producing with Scott Niemeyer on as an executive producer. Brad Kessell will be overseeing for Gold Circle.

You can bet as soon as we hear more regarding QUICKSILVER we'll be right here to tell you about it but for now scroll on down below and spit some bullets letting us know if you're jiving with this one!

Talk about 'quick-silver!'
Extra Tidbit: Harrington recently adapted the graphic novel IN THE SMALL for Akiva Goldsman and Warner Bros..
Source: Variety



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