Gone Girl sequel is a possibility, claims writer Gillian Flynn

Even though the recently-announced STRANGERS ON A TRAIN remake sounds like an unofficial sequel to GONE GIRL, there's still room for a proper follow-up to this past year's box office success. At least, in the eyes of Gone Girl creator Gillian Flynn.

Flynn, who is attached to the STRANGERS update along with director David Fincher and star Ben Affleck, recently let it be known that she's open to a GONE GIRL 2 (I'm sure a better title can be crafted) in an interview with the NY Daily News.

"Never say never. There could be a sequel at some point if everyone is game to get the gang back together, it could be really fun a few years from now.... We could pick it up and see what those crazy Dunnes are up to a few years down the road and if they got on — not well I don't think.

On the surface it sounds like a silly idea - especially since GONE GIRL works so well as a standalone movie - but let's not be too hasty to condemn it. The way the story ends for the Dunnes is, of course, fittingly morbid and ambiguous, but there are so many different paths their lives could takes that it's a bit fun to consider the possibilities.

Naturally, the sequel would have to move forward on the condition the key people from the first film were back. Says Flynn:

"I would have to have the exact same people to do it — I would want Rosamund, Ben and Fincher to do it."

Gillian Flynn

Source: NY Daily News



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