Gosling must kill them all in the latest Only God Forgives trailer

A new trailer has arrived for the upcoming revenge thriller ONLY GOD FORGIVES, and we've got it right here for you fine folks! The latest trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn's ONLY GOD FORGIVES focuses heavily on the relationship between Kristin Scott Thomas and Ryan Gosling. It's definitely a much more traditional look at the film from what we've seen previously but it still packs one hell of a punch.

Bangkok. Ten years ago Julian killed a cop and went on the run. Now he manages a Thai boxing club as a front for a drugs operation. Respected in the criminal underworld, deep inside, he feels empty. When Julian’s brother murders a prostitute, the police call on retired cop Chang - the Angel of Vengeance. Chang allows the father to kill his daughter’s murderer, then ‘restores order’ by chopping off the man’s right hand. Julian’s mother Jenna - the head of a powerful criminal organization - arrives in Bangkok to collect her son’s body. She dispatches Julian to find his killers and ‘raise hell’.

ONLY GOD FORGIVES opens July 19th and stars Ryan Gosling, Kristen Scott Thomas, Tom Burke, Gordon Brown, Joe Cummings and Yayaying.

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys digging what you've seen so far from ONLY GOD FORGIVES?
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