Gotham Group options Gone Girl like thriller Watch Me Disappear

Any GONE GIRL fans in the house?

Well, this news just might pique your interest. According to Deadline, The Gotham Group has optioned the rights for Janelle Brown's much ballyhooed new novel WATCH ME DISAPPEAR. The suspense thriller debuted in mid-July and ascended to #13 on the NYT Bestsellers list, with critical comparisons drawn to the hit Gillian Flynn novel that David Fincher turned into a splendid film. Let's a hope a director of a similar caliber ends up bringing this one to the big-screen as well.

As for the story, WATCH ME DISAPPEAR:

Begins with the death of the character Billie, a beautiful, charismatic, outdoorsy California mom who has come a long way from her reckless youth. She and her husband Jonathan seemingly have an enviable life with their daughter Olive. But one day on a solo hike, Billie vanishes from the trail. The only thing found is a hiking boot. She is presumed dead, but then a year after her Mom’s disappearance, Olive starts having “waking dreams” but not sure if they are hallucinations. She believes her mother is still alive as her father worries about his daughter’s mental health. However, once he unearths a secret, he begins his own quest for the truth.

Ellen Goldsmith-Vein (THE MAZE RUNNER) and Lindsay Williams are producing for The Gotham Group. Stay close as WATCH ME DISAPPEAR progresses through production.

GONE GIRL Rosamund Pike!

Extra Tidbit: What director would you like to see helm WATCH ME DISAPPEAR?
Source: Deadline



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