Grave Encounters 2 announced, "meta" plot revealed

As far as found footage flicks go, GRAVE ENCOUNTERS received fairly high marks. Its take on a paranormal investigative team's horrifying journey to a haunted hospital earned it a cult following and positive reviews for its creepy atmosphere and chilling phantoms... Now, as things like this usually go, a sequel is currently in the works.

Darclight Films is now in pre-production on GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2, which is taking the "meta" approach to the material, not unlike BLAIR WITCH 2 and THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2.

The synopsis: This terrifying new sequel follows a group of film students who break into the hospital from the first film to do their own paranormal investigation and quickly realize that GRAVE ENCOUNTERS was not just a movie... it was real.

The Vicious Brothers are once again behind the camera for GE2; no cast has been announced just yet, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for more info.

Ashleigh Gryzko, from the first GRAVE ENCOUNTERS

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Source: Darclight Films



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