Green and Seigner to star in Polanski's Based on a True Story

Eva Green

Fresh off making the trippy Kristen Stewart ghost story PERSONAL SHOPPER, Olivier Assayas is teaming with Roman Polanski to write a psychological thriller called BASED ON A TRUE STORY, or D'APRES UNE HISTOIRE VRAIE.

Polanski will direct the French-language film, and has already cast the two leading ladies required to tell the story of 

a writer whose life and mind are endangered by an obsessive woman.

Polanski's wife Emmanuelle Seigner will be playing the writer, with Eva Green as her dangerously obsessed admirer. I'm already looking forward to seeing how Green will portray this character - her performance on Penny Dreadful has shown that there are few who can compare to how well she plays the intensity of being out of her mind.

BASED ON A TRUE STORY is actually based on a novel by Delphine de Vigan. Produced by Wassim Beji through his company Wy Productions, the film will be released in France by Mars Distribution. Lionsgate will be handling international sales.

The Paris-based production begins filming in November.

Emmanuelle Seigner

Extra Tidbit: Have you read Delphine de Vigan's novel?
Source: Variety



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