Greg Erb & Jason Oremland set to rewrite Cryptozoologists for New Line

MEN IN BLACK meets GHOSTBUSTERS...so described is New Line's family friendly spook-show CRYPTOZOOLOGISTS. This is our first time writing about the film, so I suppose it really doesn't matter what number draft we're on. That said, a new pair of scribes have been hired by the studio to rewrite the script...

Deadline has it that Greg Erb and Jason Oremland (PRINCESS AND THE FROG) will rework an original script by David Gilcreast. The plan is turn the flick into a potential franchise.

Here's the run-down: When frequent sightings of storied mythological creatures start occurring around San Francisco, a skeptic professor and his estranged cryptozoologist brother must band together to save the city.

Sounds more like JUMANJI to me, which ain't to swell. We know nothing will ever equate with GHOSTBUSTERS, and MEN IN BLACK has its own franchise troubles. Mixed messages then out of CRYPTOZOOLOGISTS, it seems. PG-13, no doubt.

No director is yet attached, but Beau Flynn (JOURNEY 2) and New Line will likely hire someone soon. Maybe that'll change the dynamic.

PRINCESS Anika Noni Rose

Extra Tidbit: CRYPTOZOOLOGISTS sound promising to you?
Source: Deadline



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