Greg Nicotero to supervise Creepshow series for Shudder

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Back in the 1980s, master of cinematic horror George A. Romero and master of literary horror Stephen King collaborated on two of the greatest anthology films ever made, the EC Comics inspired CREEPSHOW and CREEPSHOW 2. The franchise is now set to be revived by the streaming service Shudder, as they have given the greenlight to a Creepshow television series that will be supervised by The Walking Dead executive producer / special effects artist Greg Nicotero - who is something of a protégé of Romero's, having started his career with Romero's 1985 film DAY OF THE DEAD.

In addition to supervising "the creative elements" of the show, Nicotero will also be executive producing Creepshow and directing the first episode. He had this to say about the project: 

Creepshow is a project very close to my heart! It is one of those titles that embraces the true spirit of horror… thrills and chills celebrated in one of its truest art forms, the comic book come to life! I’m honored to continue the tradition in the ‘spirit’ which it was created."

Shudder general manager Craig Engler added, 

Creepshow is one of the most beloved and iconic horror anthologies from two masters of the genre, George A. Romero and Stephen King. We’re thrilled to continue their legacy with another master of horror, Greg Nicotero, as we bring a new Creepshow TV series exclusively to Shudder members."

Each episode of the Creepshow series, which is expected to premiere on Shudder sometime in 2019, will tell original stories and be directed by a different filmmaker. Nicotero's company KNB EFX Group will be providing the creature and makeup effects.

Creepshow will be produced by The Cartel with Monster Agency Productions, Taurus Entertainment, and Striker Entertainment.

Cartel CEO Stan Spry said, 

The Cartel is excited to bring the iconic Creepshow brand to Shudder as a series. There is no better person to be the creative force behind this new production than Greg Nicotero. His experience and leadership will ensure that the series is of the highest quality and will help to excite horror fans around the world."

While I can go along with Nicotero stepping in for Romero, I am disappointed that there was no mention of King contributing to the series in the initial press release for the series. Hopefully he will be involved with it at some point.

Regardless of how this series turns out, there's no way it can be as terrible as 2006's Romero and King-less CREEPSHOW 3 was... Sorry to remind you that it exists. I'm going to go back to pretending that it doesn't.

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Source: EW.com



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