Gremlins returns to theaters this December

If you are like all of us here at AITH, then no Christmas is complete without watching Joe Dante's classic creature feature GREMLINS at least once. I'll probably watch the film at least 4 times this year. We'll see.

It is with this in mind we wanted to bring you the news that GREMLINS will be returning to theaters beginning on Friday, December 8. The event, which is being called Gremlins: Rule Breakers, will include an interview with director Joe Dante and a limited edition T-shirt designed by Rhys Cooper (see below). 

To check out if the film will be hitting a theater near you, you can see the full list of participating theaters right HERE. I'm excited as hell because the movie is playing in my town, so I'll be there. Will you?

How excited are you to hear GREMLINS is returning to theaters? Will you make the trip to see the film on the big screen? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the comments below or on social media!

Rundown via GremlinsRuleBreakers.com:

The tale of a cute and furry Christmas gift that multiplies into many, many, many terrifying Christmas gifts, Gremlins is a sublimely perfect mix of comedy and horror. This December, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment presents a movie party celebration of the hilarious and wickedly scary 1984 film, featuring a special conversation with director Joe Dante that’ll take you behind the scenes of this all-time classic.

This cinematic event will be beamed into theaters across the country. Just in time for the holidays, it’ll introduce Mondo’s new Gremlins Collection with a limited edition tee designed by Rhys Cooper, available exclusively with tickets at participating theaters.

GREMLINS: Rule Breakers hits select theaters Friday, December 8th!

Extra Tidbit: And just like that you've got the Gremlins theme stuck in your head.



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