Guillermo del Toro has Valve in mind for Pacific Rim and inSANE

NYCC is bringing another round-up of Guillermo del Toro related news and you'd be surprised at how much of it relates to the video game developer Valve. 

First up, PACIFIC RIM news. The director reportedly swung by the Legendary Comics booth to announce a prequel comic series to the film. He also went on record as saying while PACIFIC RIM will have all the tropes of a Japanese Kaiju monster movie, it will not be over referential toward the genre: "You're going to see the famous Kaiju overhead throw, like lifting one another; you're going to see those key moments... but we're not going to be quoting a particular movie."

However, the film will be referencing the popular video game series PORTAL as del Toro has cast Ellen McClain (otheriwse known as GLaDOS) as the voice of a yet-to-be-named A.I. character.

With the gaming medium in mind, del Toro also discussed his search for a new developer to collaborate on his action-horror concept inSANE, which was recently dropped by THQ:

"inSANE was officially cut like, two months ago, and now we are talking to developers. When something doesn't happen one way, I just continue to pursue it in another way if I own the property and control it... I'm not giving up on inSANE, it's truly beautiful, truly a world creation."

When asked what developer he would prefer to make it: "I'm a big fan of Valve... PORTAL and LEFT 4 DEAD have been instrumental family experiences at my house." This brings our news full circle. Good going, Guillermo!

What do you guys think? Is it a good thing del Toro has Valve on the brain with PACIFIC RIM and inSANE? Geek out or nay say with your comments below.

Extra Tidbit: GLadDOS cosplay (see above) is sort of scary, but that's probably kind of the point.
Source: Kotaku



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