Guillermo del Toro joins Angry Films to produce horror spec The Bloody Benders

And the best news of the week comes on a Friday!

Guillermo del Toro has added yet another film project to his sky-high plate, this one being a joint effort with Angry Films. The project in question is called THE BLOODY BENDERS, a spec-script by Bryan Singer's disciple Adam Robitel. The flick is set in the late 19th century and is said to have precursory roots to the Bates Motel mythology. Sounds pretty damn cool, peep it...

Based on the true story of the Benders, a husband, wife, son and daughter who ran a hotel in Kansas on the outskirts of the prairie in 1873. It might have been a precursor for the Bates Motel. As many as 20 guests checked in, and never checked out. The guests were robbed and murdered by their hosts, and the killers were never punished. Can't front on that setup, can you?

Here's what del Toro told Mike Flemming of Deadline:

“It is a beautiful and brutal yet poetic story, based on a very famous case. If you consider America back then, it was a great transition to modernity, but on the prairie, these were huge landscapes where people traveled and days and weeks on end would pass without communication. So nothing happens, then there is this brutal murder, and then it’s back to pastoral peace and quiet. That rhythm was very attractive to me.”

Are you as attracted?

Rinko Kikuchi, star of del Toro's PACIFIC RIM

Extra Tidbit: Had you heard of the Bender family prior to this?
Source: Deadline



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