Guillermo del Toro on hypothetical Godzilla vs. Pacific Rim crossover

While this year's giant monster flick goes to Guillermo del Toro's PACIFIC RIM, we still have MONSTERS director Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA remake to look forward to in the summer of 2014 — but what would happen if these two films clashed in one epic crossover?

The man himself, Del Toro, weighs in on a hypothetical GODZILLA vs. PACIFIC RIM scenario and apparently it "would be too much for the human brain". I like where you're going with this! Here is what he had to say on the epic idea:

So far with the sequel, what we’re writing, what we’re creating, is very different, so there are no plans. Hypothetically, I would love the fuck out of it. I would love to see a jaeger and Godzilla duke it out. That would be too much for the human brain. But I don’t think there are plans on that. I don’t even know what direction they’re taking Godzilla in. I know somewhat that it’s grounded differently. Pacific Rim, my aspiration was, the color, the saturation of color, was almost an acid-drip version of the Heavy Metal coloring that I loved when Richard Corben was working there, when [Jean-Claude] Forest was working there. Super bright, super saturated, the crazy color and aesthetic. And Godzilla is more realistic, somewhat. That’s my thinking. That’s what I’ve heard. I don’t even know which way they’re going.

Leave it to Del Toro to come up with something as awesome as that. The idea of these two films colliding is undeniably epic and one pipe dream that I wouldn't mind seeing come to life! For now, get ready for PACIFC RIM which opens July 12, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Although we haven't seen either of these films yet, do you like the idea of them colliding?
Source: Collider



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