Guillermo Del Toro's The Shape of Water gets a red band trailer

Guillermo Del Toro The Shape of Water Sally Hawkins Doug Jones

Director Guillermo Del Toro's CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON-inspired "Cold War fairy tale" THE SHAPE OF WATER appears to be such a sweet-natured, quirky film that I would have expected it to receive a PG-13 rating. Instead, the film has earned an R for "sexual content, graphic nudity, violence, and language". Huh. That makes it sound a lot different than it looks.

Some of that violence and language is on display in the newly released red band trailer - you get an F-bomb and Michael Shannon doing very bad things, but what you get more than that is a further look at the unconventional love story at the center of the film. This doesn't seem like a movie that should have been rated R... but what do I know?

Starring Shannon, Sally Hawkins, Doug Jones, Octavia Spencer, Richard Jenkins, and Michael Stuhlbarg, THE SHAPE OF WATER follows 

Elisa (Hawkins), a lonely mute woman who is trapped in a life of silence and isolation within the hidden high-security government laboratory where she works. Her life is changed forever when she and her co-worker Zelda (Spencer) discover a secret classified experiment.

THE SHAPE OF WATER is scheduled to reach theatres on December 8th. Our own Chris Bumbray has seen the film and gave it a 10/10 review.

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