Guillermo del Toro talks the monsters of Pacific Rim as another image leaks online

PACIFIC RIM is easily at the top of my most anticipated list for 2013 and if you take a moment to read the latest quotes from director Guillermo del Toro, chances are it'll end up on yours too. Here's what del Toro told USA Today on his approach to the movie's creative process:

"I am an obsessive compulsive, and I can tell you without any shadow of a doubt I am involved very deeply on everything, from the pin on the lapel of a jacket to which way the monster's eye slants. I am essentially a socially inept creature. I dedicate my entire life to this. This is what I do, this is what I live for." 

The article also gives away some details on the creatures we'll get to see in the film:

"Every one of his monsters, which fans will be able to see for the first time on Saturday at a Warner Bros. panel, will have individual personalities and abilities. Some are adept at swimming in the depths of the sea, others fly, and one even vomits corrosive magma-like liquid. "There's a lot to love," del Toro quips."

Sounds effin' awesome to say the least. You can bet that our crew at the Con will be bringing us more deets from the WB panel.

In the meantime, scroll down to check out a new, somewhat grainy image of Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi in full monster battling gear.

Source: USA Today



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