Halle Berry faces off with real-life sharks in new Dark Tide trailer

Last week came the embarrassing Photoshopped one-sheet for DARK TIDE...which even went as far as boasting a "from the director of BLUE CRUSH" selling point. Color me slow, I didn't realize this shite was a comedy.

Well gang, an official trailer for DARK TIDE has washed in, and we have it below for you to scope out. The perennial stunning Halle Berry takes center stage...finding herself in the unenviable quandary of swimming with killer Great White sharks...for money. The one thing that may separate DARK TIDE from the recent handful of killer shark flicks (THE REEF, SHARK NIGHT etc.) is the use of real-life sharks in the film. Not sure if they just found some old stock footage, or actually went out and filmed scenes that include the actors and sharks in the same shot. Either way, I need nary another reason to ogle at Halle in a bikini.

Hitting the VOD circuit March 8th, limited theaters March 30th:

Kate (Berry), a shark expert whose business has been failing ever since a shark attack killed a fellow diver under her command. Once dubbed “the shark whisperer,” Kate is haunted by the memory of the attack and unable to get back into the water. With bills piling up and the bank about to foreclose on Kate’s boat, Kate’s old flame Jeff (Martinez) presents her with a lucrative opportunity: lead a thrill-seeking millionaire businessman on a dangerous shark dive…outside the cage. Battling her self-doubts and fear, Kate accepts the proposal — and sets a course for the world’s deadliest feeding ground: Shark Alley.

Olivier Martinez, Ralph Brown, Adi Shankar, Luke Tyler, Thoko Ntshinga, Sizwe Msutu and Mark Elderkin also appear in the film.



Extra Tidbit: Will Halle regain her star-power at some point...or did CATWOMAN really all but end her A-list career?
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