Halloween 5 star joins Bill Oberst Jr. On a Dark and Bloody Ground

Halloween 5 Tamara Glynn

Last month, we heard that actress Tamara Glynn, who played a victim of Michael Myers in HALLOWEEN 5 (pictured above), had joined the cast of director Tory Jones' slasher movie I SEE YOU, which Jones wrote with Nathan Thomas Milliner. Since then, it has been announced that Glynn will also be taking a role in Milliner's own directorial project ON A DARK AND BLOODY GROUND.

Developed from three short horror stories Milliner was inspired to write in the 1990s after reading Stephen King short story collections like Night Shift and Skeleton Crew, ON A DARK AND BLOODY GROUND is described as being "a mystery, part horror, part fantasy, with even a little contemporary western tossed in". The synopsis: 

The small town of Miller's End, Kentucky has been infected by something malevolent, leaving several locals mutilated in horrific, unnatural ways. Sheriff Leslie Falk is desperate to solve the murders while keeping the town under control as a vengeful father becomes obsessed with finding the cause of the killings and bringing them to an end. On a Dark and Bloody Ground is a Southern Gothic Horror Fairy Tale in the tradition of the campfire stories we remember from childhood that gave us that chill and made us scared to be in the dark.

In the cast with Glynn is genre regular Bill Oberst Jr., who will be playing a tragic character named Pete James. Glynn's character Mae is Pete's wife.

Milliner's contributions to the anthologies VOLUMES OF BLOOD and VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES have shown me that he's definitely a filmmaker to be keeping an eye on, so I'm looking forward to seeing how ON A DARK AND BLOODY GROUND will turn out. The presence of Oberst and Glynn in the cast makes the project even more intriguing.

We'll keep you updated on the film as more information is made available.

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