Cool Horror Gear: Halloween Morphsuit Bonanza!

In case you hadn't noticed, Halloween is JUST around the corner. Yeah, I know - it's hard to believe that All Hallow's Eve has descended upon us so quickly once again, but I'm not in control of the passage of time yet. Whether you're young and hip or old and lame (like me), you've got some sort of spooky gathering to attend, whether it's leading to an embarrassing water cooler tale or just handing out loot to the kids who took the time to wear a costume, you've got to have something to represent your spirit of Halloween!

Okay, anyway - The fine folks over at Morph Costumes reached out to me when I needed ideas the most, and I'm back here to report my findings to you. Have you never heard of Morphsuits before? Oh, sure you have - they're freaking everywhere, from TV shows to sporting events. They're pretty form-fitting, super comfortable spandex bodysuits that cover every inch of you in thin fabric. You can see through 'em pretty well, and the packaging even says you can drink through them (which, let's face it- might be an important detail). These things come in all shapes and sizes and designs, and I have 5 to show off to you.

Here's the specs - my model (my little cousin/brother Steve Ryan) is about 185 pounds, and about 6'2 or so. Every costume I was provided was size XXL, and as you can see, they fit him quite well. Morphsuits are sized based on height, and fit differently than regular clothes. If you're thinking of getting some, keep that in mind.

All photo credit goes to the inimitable Adrian Roy. You can see some of his other work at www.adrianroy.ca.

So then, without further ado, let's get to it!

The Facelift

THOUGHTS: Wow-wee. This guy's got a real Leatherface look going- across his whole body. As you can see, this fellow is stitched together with the skin of the poor unfortunate souls who wound up crossing his path. This suit is absolutely full of detail and really impresses. Seriously, just take a look here and here - one photo just doesn't do this justice.

WHO'S IT FOR?: Fans of sewing, Ed Gein, Freddy Krueger's chest of souls. 

Beating Heart Zombie

THOUGHTS:  If you don't just want "another zombie costume", this one's pretty different. Though the picture can't accurately display it, take a look where the heart is- you can see it ever-so-slightly. This is part of the "digital dudz" suit line, where you can slip your phone into a little pocket in the suit, open an app and boom- pulsating, gross heart. I really love the sunken eyes on this suit and the bloody handprints. The only complaint I have is that the zombie is wearing "pants", which makes his legs just oddly black from the waist down with very little detail. Click here for another shot of this brain-eating delight as he reaches for you.

WHO'S IT FOR?: Walking Dead lovers, Creative thinkers, People who love pants


THOUGHTS:  If we're being totally honest here, I can't recommend this one as my favorite. Here's the main reason why - it's hard to represent a character who relies so much on animal dimensions like a werewolf does. The thing is, a werewolf's head is just so distinctly shaped that it's almost hard to tell what exactly you're looking at. Plus, there's little kitty ears attached to the mask which are pretty flimsy and unimpressive looking. Finally, it's hard to tell what the fur is supposed to be, it's so lightly patterned it almost looks like camouflage. Take another look at the Wolfman to help make up your own mind.

WHO'S IT FOR?: Those who howl at the moon, Twilight holdovers, David Naughton


THOUGHTS:  Okay guys, this suit is friggin' awesome. Unfortunately based on the brutal Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, that's about the only flaw you'll see with this suit. It's equipped with "zapper" technology, which is essentially a little QR code patch on Spidey's hand that when viewed through a phone app, has webs shooting out of it. Seriously though, these Morphsuits were MADE for stuff like this. My model said he felt like he could jump higher and move faster while wearing this, and I believe that the end result captures that very well. This is a really, really amazing example of how cool this product really is. The colors and details just pop off the photo. Check out this other amazing hero shot!

WHO'S IT FOR?: Those bitten by a radioactive spider, People who like to kiss while upside down, Folks who like to amaze children


THOUGHTS:  The Merc with a Mouth shows up to round out our group of costumed freaks, and who better to end it all? This is another incredible suit - it's different from Spidey's as it almost cel-shaded in style, making it like a comic book come to life. Ol' Wayne  Wilson is sure to be able to wreak some havoc in this thing. Like Spidey's suit, there's another QR Zapper patch on Deadpool's hand that will make a weapon appear in his hand when viewed through the app on a smartphone. The only real issue I have with this suit is that the eyes are just so squinty, and were hard to line up with my model's eyes, which makes the face a little wonky-looking at times. For another look at Deadpool goofing around, click here.

WHO'S IT FOR?: Those who enjoy breaking the fourth wall, people who want to be cool before the movie comes out, those with mischevious spirits

WRAP UP: That's all for now, kids - I hope you might have a better idea of who you might want to be for Halloween at this point. This only scratches the surface of the sort of thing offered in Morphsuits, so I highly encourage you to shop around. Many thanks to the fine folks over at Morphsuits for providing these suits for our reviews. Oh, and as a pro-tip to all the dudes out there..besides working out as hard as you can to try and look your best in one of these, please..make sure you wear underpants. There's little left to the imagination here!

Check out the Morphsuits site here!

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