Hannah Fierman of V/H/S and Siren stars in Haven's End

Haven's End Chris Ethridge Hannan Fierman

Having established a fanbase in the horror community with her performances as Lily the "I like you" girl in the Amateur Night segment of V/H/S and its feature spin-off SiREN, Hannah Fierman continues doing genre work in her latest film project, director Chris Ethridge's HAVEN'S END.

Fierman shared some details on HAVEN'S END and her part in it while speaking with our own Eric Walkuski for The Hottie Stop last month; she's playing the role of a goth girl named Hannah, a character who was written specifically with her in mind. The thriller recently wrapped production after filming in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and to mark the occasion the folks at Bloody-Disgusting got their hands on the first image of Fierman in the film, the picture that can be seen above.

Described as being in the vein of John Carpenter's THE THING, HAVEN'S END was written by Michael H. Harper, who also served as producer with Stacey Palmer, and tells the following story:

When major cities around the world burn in the aftermath of massive, coordinated terrorist attacks, Dr. Alison Olsen (Catherine Taber) and her friends escape Atlanta for the refuge of her family property deep in the heart of rural Georgia. What they find there is unnatural, violent, and anything but safe.

Co-starring with Taber and Fierman are Megan Hayes, Alex Zuko, Anthony Nguyen, and Robert Pralgo.

The presence of Fierman in the cast and the comparison to THE THING is enough to get me on board to check out HAVEN'S END when it's released. We'll keep you updated on the film's progress as it makes its way through post-production and out into the world.

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