"Hannibal" showrunner Bryan Fuller & Syfy Channel teaming up to adapt The Lotus Caves

There's no denying Bryan Fuller has a pretty good idea of what he's doing. I mean the man made it big back in the day with hidden gems "Pushing Daises" and "Dead Like Me" and now he's seeing a resurgence under his new series "Hannibal." A resurgence that includes an adaptation of John Christopher's 1969 cult sci-fi novel THE LOTUS CAVES!

You see according to Deadline Hollywood Syfy has just green lit a pilot order for a new series called HIGH MOON, which will be based on Christopher's novel. Fuller and Robert Halmi Sr. will be executive producing the project with Jim Danger Gray of "Pushing Daises" set to write and executive produce.

High Moon creates a future where the countries of Earth have established colonies to mine the Moon’s resources. When a new life form is discovered, chaos erupts as various factions race to uncover and exploit its powerful secrets.

Reunion Pictures will be producing the 90-minute pilot, which is slated to start production this Fall in Vancouver. Matthew O’Connor, Lisa Richardson and Tom Rowe of Reunion will executive produce along with Angryfilms' Susan Montford and Don Murphy. Steve Granat, who brought the book to everyone's attention, will also serve as an executive producer with Reel FX's Cary Granat. Yes, they're related. Halmi Sr.'s The Halmi Co. will distribute worldwide outside of Canada.

So there you have it folks! How's HIGH MOON sounding? Anyone out there actually tap THE LOTUS CAVES and want to share some opinions with us? Shoot some bullets below as we await for more HIGH MOON details to roll our way!

"Pushing Daises'" Kristin Chenoweth
Extra Tidbit: Bryan Fuller is also the dude behind the upcoming "Munsters" reboot "Mockingbird Lane."
Source: Deadline



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