Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters producer promises "Insane" sequel

HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS hits DVD/Blu-Ray tomorrow, following a successful theatrical run that saw the film earning over $225 million worldwide on a $50 million budget. We've known for a while that the film was on its way to having a sequel, and now producer Adam McKay has spoken about the new installment with MovieWeb, hinting at the scope of the film and sharing that the sequel has the potential to go completely off the rails.

"It's this deranged Norwegian geek, and he has been given the wheel to this giant corporate money making behemoth. That, to me, is the entire fun of Hollywood. The fact that this kid was given this wheel. I'm really excited about the second one. Because he didn't steer the behemoth off the road on the first one. You are going to get to see even more slack on his leash with the second one. He is really going to get to roam free on this. I've already started to hear some of the ideas he is working on, and its pretty insane. This could be one of those instances where the sequel does go further than the first one."

The director also talked about the R rating of the first movie, and how Paramount may not allow for that to happen a second time. How might that hamper creative freedom on the set?

"The funny thing is...I think Paramount regrets it. I think they are worried that they left some money on the table with that one. There is some discussion about how we're gong to handle that with the second one. We were a little surprised too. I have to be honest about that. It kept going deeper into it, and I kept expecting that moment to come...But to Adam Goodman's credit over here at Paramount, he never reversed on it. He promised that it could be R, and he stuck with that all the way to the end. Even at the point where there might have been some discussion about, "We should switch it!" Because of that, that is only why Tommy Wirkola is coming back for a second one. Only because the executive stood by the creative in that case."

So how do you feel about a sequel to HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS? Spit some bullets below and let us know what you think.

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Source: MovieWeb



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