Happy Birthday, Stephen King! Check out this 1982 interview with the master!

As evidenced by the headline, today is the birthday of one of our favorite people on the planet, Stephen King. Do you need his resume? A reminder of his accomplishments? Didn't think so.

Mr. King is 68-years-young today. He's getting up there a bit in years, but his writing hasn't faltered a bit, nor has his popularity. There are too many King-related projects in development to list, although for this site's money the most intriguing are IT, THE STAND and Hulu's 11/22/63. (That last one is already in production, while the other two are in development.) Surely, the man's name is just as synonymous with productivity as it is with horror, and I'm sure we're all heartened to know he likely won't stop writing until the day he dies. Hell, he might keep on going after that.

In any event, I figured I'd post a little something in honor of the man's big day. There are so many damn King interviews available online that it's impossible to choose just one, but I decided to go with an early one. Below is a short documentary about King from 1982, produced by the University of Maine (where King, of course, studied English as a young man). It's a fun little look back at King, right after the publication of Danse Macabre and the release of CREEPSHOW.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Steve!


Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Stephen King book and/or film?
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