Happy Birthday, The Shining!

Happy 37th Birthday, THE SHINING!

Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Stephen King's THE SHINING was released on this day back in 1980. It is now widely regarded by many as the best horror film of all-time. However, in a very famous story, author Stephen King is not a fan of the film.

I remember my first taste of THE SHINING actually came by way of a short sequence within the disaster flick TWISTER. If you remember there is a scene in that Jan De Bont film where a twister destroys a drive-in movie theater. And that drive-in theater was playing none other than Kubrick's THE SHINING.

This will always stick out to me as the first time I experienced the terror of THE SHINING as even thought the scene plays for only a few moments in TWISTER, I was a small kid at that point and seeing Jack "crazy-as-f*ck" Nicholson hacking down a door with an axe trying to chop the lady from POPEYE up scared me to death and I would often leave the room when we later watched the film on VHS.

Normally, with these Happy Birthday posts, I will put the film's synopsis and a bunch of trivia from the flick below. But considering we all know what THE SHINING is about forwards and backward and that we all know every bit of trivia by now that the film holds, I will just make this post a celebration of the film by way of a ton of awesome art and behind-the-scenes pics!

Scroll through all the amazing artwork below and then let us know the story of the first time you experienced Kubrick's masterpiece. Drop us the story on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!



Extra Tidbit: Let's us know about the first time YOU saw The Shining!
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