Happy Death Day & Happy Death Day 2U novelizations coming this February

Last month we let you guys know that Blumhouse's PG-13 slasher sequel HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U was going to be hitting theaters one day early due to its release accidentally coinciding with the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, FL. that claimed the lives of 17 people. And today we have word that a few days after the new movie's release Universal will be releasing both the original film and its sequel's novelizations.

Both adaptations will be packaged in the same 288-page book so that's good for those of us trying to pinch a penny here and there. The official novelization is now available for pre-order over on Amazon. The book(s) come to us from author Aaron Hartzler who has written standup comedy, one-man shows, billboards, books, essays, screenplays, and "a great number of tweets." His books include What We Saw and Rapture Practice. 

Here's the rundown on the two tales of time-warping terror:

In Happy Death Day, Teresa "Tree" Gelbman's birthday is the worst day of her life, starting when she wakes up in a stranger's bed. It's also the last day of her life, ending when she's killed by a psychotic killer with a knife. She's dead. And then she wakes up in a stranger's bed, it's September 18, and she has to live it all over again . . . until she's hunted down and wakes up, again, and again. It's a Groundhog Day situation, only with murder, guns, and mean girls, and Tree's only shot at living to see the next day is to relive the day of her murder, over and over, until she discovers her killer's identity.

Happy Death Day 2U picks up the story without missing a beat. Tree Gelbman thought she'd finally lived to see a brand-new day. But when she wakes up on her same birthday and an all-new psychopath in a mask is out to kill her and her friends, she's going to find out that all the rules have changed. Death makes a killer comeback.

Jason Blum once again produces and Christopher Landon returns to write and direct this next chapter, while Happy Death Day executive producers Angela Mancuso and John Baldecchi are newly joined by EP Samson Mucke. HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U hits one day before this Valentine’s Day, on February 13, 2019. Happy Death Day & Happy Death Day 2U official paperback novelizations will be hitting on February 19, 2019.

Check out the cover below!


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