Harlan Coben's Hitchcockian thriller Stay Close gets adapted by Lawrence Kasdan

If he can do to a Hitchcock flick what he did to DOUBLE INDEMNITY with BODY HEAT...we may have something...

Deadline is reporting Lawrence Kasdan (BODY HEAT, SILVERADO) has struck a deal to produce and direct an adaptation of Harlan Coben's Hitchcockian pot-boiler STAY CLOSE. The novel, Coben's latest, will hit shelves this March, the same time a script is expected.

In Stay Close, a past crime returns to devastate the lives of a photojournalist, a suburban mother with a hidden past, and a homicide detective obsessed with a series of unsolved disappearances. The Hitchcockian thriller plunges all three into a dark world of sex, secrets and shocking violence.

About the material, Kasdan had this to say:

“I’d read a couple of his (Coben's) books, and after asking him why they hadn’t been made into his movies, he told me his tale of woe, of having everything optioned and developed to death. We agreed to look through his stuff, and he said, I just finished a book today, do you want to read it? I think it’s the most adaptable of his books, with a tight plot and strong characters. We’ll have the script ready by March, and at that point we’ll see who salutes. When you boil Harlan’s fiction to its core, it’s intensity, momentum and tension and this will be a medium budget sexy and violent film.”

Kasdan, who hasn't made a film since the abysmal 2003 DREAMCATCHER, has the drama DARLING COMPANION out this year. He's also writing PARADISE LOST for Alex Proyas. Hopefully he can find the magic of his early films in STAY CLOSE, otherwise he may be supplanted by his two filmmaking sons quicker than we thought.

You think he'll do an admirable job?


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Source: Deadline



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