Has the Highlander remake found its lead in the form of Ryan Reynolds?

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's HIGHLANDER is a project easy to forget about. Updates on the remake have been staggered (in truth, I almost forgot that Justin Lin wasn't still attached to direct it), and anticipation for it seemsrather low. Perhaps having a leading man attached will change all that?

According to Variety, "Ryan Reynolds has become the front-runner to topline Lionsgate-Summit's HIGHLANDER. It is unclear whether an actual offer has been made but sources tell Variety that both sides are in talks and are both very interested in working together on the project."

An interesting, if uninspired, choice. Reynolds is a likable enough screen presence, but he really doesn't the aura of badassness that you'd expect from a Highlander lead. Plus, his box office drawing power is suspect; he had a summer to forget last year, after GREEN LANTERN and THE CHANGE-UP both bombed.

That said, Reynolds proved he can actually act in the suspenseful, harrowing BURIED. After that film showcased Reynolds' dramatic one man show, it has become difficult to dismiss him.

If this gets confirmed, we'll toss an update your way.

Reynolds' GREEN LANTERN co-star (and main squeeze) Blake Lively

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Ryan Reynolds would make for an imposing HIGHLANDER?
Source: Variety



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