Haunters: The Art of the Scare trailer looks at haunted house creators!

As you're well aware by now, it's September. Fall is creeping up on us slowly but surely (for some, it's already here), and for horror fans that can only mean one thing: Halloween is not far behind!

One very enjoyable part of the fall season is the annual emergence of haunted houses. From homemade to large-scale, from family-friendly to over-the-line, every city in the country appears to have at least one must-see attraction. A new documentary titled HAUNTERS: THE ART OF THE SCARE will look at every shape and size of haunted house when it's released in October. Below you can find the first trailer and poster!

The synopsis:

This documentary will take you behind-the-screams with the people who sacrifice everything to create the most popular and polarizing haunted houses for Halloween - from boo-scare mazes to a controversial new subculture of extreme terror experiences. What started as a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign (backed by Neil Patrick Harris) became a 4 year journey for director Jon Schnitzer to bring audiences deeper into the Halloween subculture than ever before with unprecedented access. HAUNTERS: The Art Of the Scare also uncovers how Halloween, haunts and horror have always thrived during times of chaos, political uncertainty, and war because people use horror and haunts as a form of therapy or "scare-apy" to confront their worst fears. But how far is too far?

HAUNTERS: THE ART OF THE SCARE features interviews with notable horror filmmaker Jason Blum (producer of The Purge, Insidious, Split, Get Out), Sylvia & Jen Soska (American Mary & GSN's HELLEVATOR), Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare), and the creators of the most popular and controversial haunts in the world. This documentary also has a killer soundtrack with songs from Dead Man's Bones (Ryan Gosling & Zach Shields who's also from the band Night Things and co-writer of the films Krampus and the upcoming Godzilla), Emptyset, Original Score by Jonathan Snipes (ROOM 237 & The Nightmare), Original Score by Alexander Burke (has recorded with Fiona Apple, David Lynch and Mr. Little Jeans) and Neil Baldock (recoded with Kanye West, Radiohead and Wilco).

HAUNTERS will have its world premiere during Fantastic Fest (Sept 21-29) and then make its digital and Blu-ray debut on October 3rd.

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