Have a look at 2 eerie new clips from Robin Hardy's long-awaited Wicker Tree

It's felt like decades waiting for Robin Hardy's WICKER TREE...and in a way, next year would make it an even 40 year wait. Better be some sequel then...

As preamble to its limited January 27th release, two new clips from THE WICKER TREE have sprouted up. We've got the pair below, so if you want to further see how this one will compare to the 1973 original, cop a gander at once!

If you need reminding:

The Wicker Tree tells the story of singer Beth (newcomer Brittania Nicol) and her cowboy friend Steve (Henry Garrett, “The Bill,” “Skins”), two virginal Texans who come to Scotland to spread the gospel. These two innocents don’t know what they’re getting into as they find themselves trying to spread their chastity message at the estate owned by Sir Lachlan Morrison (Graham McTavish, Rambo, the upcoming The Hobbit films), who has revived ancient local religious practices when an accident at the nuclear power plant he runs rendered the area men infertile. The Wicker Tree was produced by Peter Snell and Peter Watson-Wood and executive produced by Alistair Gourlay.

Graham McTavish, Clive Russell, Honeysuckle Weeks, Henry Garrett, Callum Mitchell, Jacqueline Leonard, Prue Clarke, James Mapes, Keith Warwick, Brittania Nicol, Iain Stuart Robertson, Christopher Leveaux and Christopher Lee all appear in the flick.

Without further adieu, I give you "Prayer" and "May Queens." Enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: I'm hearing KILL LIST is the real WICKER MAN sequel you want to see!
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