HBO takes on Ben Wheatley's thriller Silk Road

Thanks to THR we've got some great news to share with you guys regarding KILL LIST director Ben Wheatley and his thriller titled SILK ROAD which has just been picked up by HBO. Just because it's going to HBO doesn't mean that Wheatley wont have his hands in it as he is said to not only be writing and directing the thriller but he'll also serve as an executive producer. Not too shabby!

Of course it's all being kept under wraps as far as any fine details go but one thing worthing taking note is that SILK ROAD is the name of an online black market, where the majority of products qualify as contraband in most jurisdictions.

No idea whether or not this will go the horror route that we all hope it does but Wheatley's name is enough to grab our attention, so we'll keep you up to date on SILK ROAD as more becomes available.

MyAnna Buring starred in KILL LIST

Extra Tidbit: Thoughts on Ben Wheatley's SILK ROAD?
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