He Never Died gets a companion film titled She Never Died

He Never Died Henry Rollins Jason Krawczyk

A few years ago, I had a good time watching writer/director Jason Krawczyk's HE NEVER DIED, which starred Henry Rollins as Jack (pictured above), an immortal who had been around since Biblical times. I gave the film a 7/10 review and was looking forward to seeing more of Jack, which Krawczyk and Rollins fully intended to deliver, as there was talk of the character coming back in an eight episode mini-series.

Last year, it was announced that Rollins would be starring in a second HE NEVER DIES movie that was set to be filmed in North Bay, Ontario during the spring. Well, a new film in the HE NEVER DIES franchise was filmed in North Bay last spring, but it's not titled HE NEVER DIED 2 and it doesn't star Rollins. 

Scripted by Krawczyk and directed by Audrey Cummings, the new movie is a "companion film" that follows a female immortal played by Olunike Adeliyi, and it's appropriately titled SHE NEVER DIED. Adeliyi's character is 

Lacey, an immortal cannibal who saves a woman from dying a grisly death on a dark web channel and hunts down down the culprits. 

Also in the cast are Michelle Nolden, Peter MacNeil, Noah Danby, Kiana Madeira, and Lawrence Gowan.

SHE NEVER DIED was produced by Jennifer Mesich of White Eagle Entertainment, with David Miller of A71 Productions, Dan Peel of Theatre D/Urban Post Productions, Bill Marks of Vortex Pictures, and Zach Hagen and Krawczyk of AES Productions serving as executive producers.

While Jack's fellow immortal Lacey gets the feature treatment, Krawczyk is still palnning to bring Jack back in that mini-series.

We'll keep you updated on SHE NEVER DIES as it moves toward release. A71 Entertainment has the rights to the film in Canada, while V71 Entertainment handles international sales.



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