Hellraiser: Anthology Vol. 2 will feature an origin story for The Chatterer

Back in March, we first told you guys about the HELLRAISER: ANTHOLOGY comic series. Then in April, the anthology hit and it must have been a success as today we have news that there will be a Vol. 2!

Yes, Seraphim Comics will be releasing HELLRAISER: ANTHOLOGY - VOLUME 2 this September!

This new anthology is set to feature stories by Ben Meares, Christian Francis, Mark Alan Miller, David Ian McKendry & Rebekah McKendry and Matt Murray - who are all returning authors from the original anthology comic. Vol. 2 will also be adding stories from Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler and Ken Winkler.

By far the coolest news involving this new anthology is the inclusion of an origin story for The Chatterer! Not only that but this origin tale will be written by Nicolas Burman-Vince aka the guy who plays The Chatter. Too f*cking cool. The Chatter's origin tale is called PRAYERS OF DESIRE and will feature original artwork by none other than Mr. Clive Barker himself.

HELLRAISER: ANTHOLOGY - VOLUME 2 is set to debut at this year's Son of Monsterpalooza September 15-17. A week later, the comic will be available as a hardcover graphic novel and a digital download on www.realclivebarker.com September 24.

You can check out the new cover design below and then let us know what you think of HELLRAISER: ANTHOLOGY on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Extra Tidbit: Have you read HELLRAISER: ANTHOLOGY Vol. 1 yet?



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