Help celebrate Albert Pyun's career with a Road to Hell screening

Last month we received the sad news that cult director Albert Pyun (CYBORG, DOLLMAN, THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER) is being forced to retire, the result of his recently being diagnosed with MS. And while we all hope Albert is able to combat the disease and continue his low-budget filmmaking ways once again, it's important that we appreciate the man right now.

An Indiegogo campaign has been set up to support a screening of one of Pyun's last films, ROAD TO HELL. We usually don't support Indieogo or Kickstarter campaigns around here (you support one, then you have to support them all), but this is special, because it's not just a screening of a new Albert Pyun film, but it's a celebration of a director whose films a lot of us grew up watching.

The screening of ROAD TO HELL will be held in L.A., at the Arclight theater. Here you can read a brief message from the screening's organizers:

We want to give the screening event the best promotional effort that any of Albert's films have ever received. To achieve both the marketing, star guest list and to secure this state of the art venue, we need to reach out to Albert's fans, the fans of his many movies (and especially those who loathe his movies), to be able to stage an event worthy of this kind, hardworking and generous filmmaker who's vision and artistry, while certainly weird at times, were always fueled by his enthusiasm for the motion picture experience within a dark auditorium.

IF WE DON'T MAKE OUR GOAL, we'll just shrink the theater, cut the ads and let go of bringing stars from outside the country. We'll still have the screening, Albert will be thrilled and we'll all make new memories.

Head over HERE to contribute to the Albert Pyun Career Celebration. The funding duration runs from now until October 21st.

Extra Tidbit: Which of Albert's films is your favorite?



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