Here comes the not surprising news that Will Smith came up with idea for Men In Black 3

I am sure the following revelation from MEN IN BLACK 3 director Barry Sonnenfeld will come as no surprise to anyone – Will Smith came up with the idea for the new film.

While speaking out, Sonnenfeld stated how the film came about and an interesting tidbit, which probably is the reason for the reshooting and such.

''Will calls me Baz. When we were shooting 'Men In Black II' [in 2002], one night he said 'Hey Baz, I think I have an idea for number three'. The basic idea was that Will's character, Agent J, would have to go back into the past to save his partner. It allowed the movie to take place in another era, and us to learn more about Tommy Lee Jones' character. But it turned out to be a very long process of development, mainly because of the knotting issues of time travel, the time travel thing was really hard.''

''We knew starting the movie that we didn't have a finished second or third act. Was it responsible? The answer is, if the movie does as well as I think it will, it was genius. If it's a total failure, then it was a really stupid idea.''

Do you readers still have any confidence in this film? I feel like I should remain optimistic, I really want this to be good because of how much I love the first time. Time will tell, MEN IN BLACK 3 hits on May 25th.

Nicole Scherzinger will appear in the film

Extra Tidbit: So will the 'time travel thing' work for or against this film?
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