Here is your official Castle Rock/Stephen King Universe cheat-sheet

We are all excited about the recently announced J.J. Abrams/Stephen King collaboration Hulu series CASTLE ROCK. All of us. One nation. Under God. That said, it can be damn hard trying to keep track of all King's stories, creations, and characters. Let alone which towns they inhabit. 

Well, not hard for you. You're a super-duper fan. But the rest of us, in preparation for the upcoming series, might find this chart useful. Make that, all the rest of us, in preparation for the upcoming series, might want to print this out and slap it onto the wall above our desks and/or beds.

I cannot help but picture a secret boardroom somewhere deep underground, like the war room from DR. STRANGELOVE, or any of the monitor rooms from any of the Michael Bay movies, where J.J. Abrams and Stephen King are huddled, blue light shining upon their faces as they go over it in holographic 3D. 

Yes, even Stephen King would find this chart helpful in mapping all of his stories/creations.

This chart will not only help you gather which stories take place in Castle Rock (CUJO, THE DARK HALF, NEEDFUL THINGS, STAND BY ME, THE DEAD ZONE, THE SHAWKSHANK REDEPTION, etc.)  but also it functions as a guide to which characters cross-over and which stories references other stories, etc.

The following chart was created by Stephen King mega-fan Tessiegirl. And here is a quote from Tessiegirl's site regarding the creation of the chart:

As I have mentioned before, when I was in Grade Five, I borrowed a battered paperback copy of ‘Carrie’ from my friend Tarnya Smyth (who stole it from her mum). I was totally hooked and under the spell of Stephen King and his characters from that moment.

Something tells me will be needing this chart as the CASTLE ROCK teaser, which I have placed below, mentions Pennywise (who resides in Derry) and Danny Torrance (who resides in the Colorado Rockies... for the most part...) 

Anyway, the series seems to be setting up more than JUST Castle Rock stories to collide, so get your sh*t together, study this chart, and impress your friends when the time for CASTLE ROCK hits.

No need to thank me. Thank Tessiegirl.

You can check out her site for the hi-res chart HERE.

And check out her Esty site HERE: 

Carla Gugino stars in Mike Flanagan's upcoming King adaptation GERALD'S GAME.
Extra Tidbit: What do you think CASTLE ROCK will be about specifically?



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