High Rising Productions to bring us Scream Queens: Horror's Hottest Heroines

Calum Waddell, Nick Frame and Naomi Holwill's High Rising Productions has garnered a lot of acclaim for the documentary SLICE AND DICE: THE SLASHER FILM FOREVER. Said film examines the legacy of the slasher subgenre through the lense of filmmakers like Tobe Hooper, Tom Holland, Mick Garris, Patrick Lussier and many more. Next High Rising will be taking a look at horror films from a strictly feminine perspective with SCREAM QUEENS: HORROR'S HOTTEST HEROINES.

Waddell explained the gender-specific focus of the film:“It’s an all-female documentary that really espoutes the women’s point of view when it comes to acting within a genre so often associated with masculine dominance or the 'girl in peril.’ There are no guys in front of the camera; we had no interest in that. If you want to hear the male view on horror cinema, let’s face it, you have plenty of places to hear it! So far we have almost 20 legendary names in the mix; it’s a really exciting project.”

Among the lengendary leading ladies included are Sybil Danning (THE HOWLING II), Patricia Tallman (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 1990), Christa Campbell (2001 MANIACS), Forbes Riley (SPLATTER UNIVERSITY), Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), and many more. Waddell expects the SCREAM QUEENS to be finished sometime next year. Check out images from the film below and hit up Facebook for more information on the doc.

Extra Tidbit: Christa Campbell (pictured above) is also a producer on TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D.
Source: Fangoria



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