Hilary Swank to get drenched in blood for I Am Mother

Hilary Swank

Production has begun on director Grant Sputore's sci-fi thriller I AM MOTHER, which is described as a "unique mother-daughter story". Unique because the mother in question is a robot that has been built for the film by WETA Workshop.

Hilary Swank and Clara Rugaard star, with Rugaard playing 

the first of a new generation of humans raised by “Mother” – a kindly robot designed to repopulate the earth following the extinction of mankind. But their unique bond is threatened when a blood-drenched woman (Swank) inexplicably arrives, calling into question everything she’s been told about the outside world.

I AM MOTHER is the feature directorial debut for Sputore, who crafted the story with writer Michael Lloyd Green. The screenplay was featured on the Black List last year.

The synopsis has me intrigued. I'm looking forward to finding out exactly what's going on with this Mother robot, and why Swank's character is covered in blood.

I AM MOTHER is currently filming at Adelaide Studios in South Australia. We'll keep you updated as it progresses through production and toward distribution.

Extra Tidbit: How does I AM MOTHER sound to you?
Source: Variety



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