Hit Girl & Red Mist fans rejoice, Kick-Ass 2 moves forward at Universal!

...The continued violent escapades of Red Mist and Hit Girl. You down with that?!?

Well, brace yourselves for it either way. Variety has it that Universal is moving forward with KICK-ASS 2, assigning CRY WOLF director Jeff Wadlow to direct from his own screenplay. Word is original cast members like Chloe Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse are in early discussions to reprise their roles, though entirely new contracts will have to be drawn up if they agree. Whatever happens, it'll have to happen soon, as an August production start is being eyed by the studio.

KICK-ASS, which culled over $100 million worldwide since its release in 2010, was directed by Matthew Vaughn, who has gone on to helm the reins of the X-MEN franchise. Question then becomes, how much of a hit does KICK-ASS 2 take as a result? Will the original voice be lost? Will it be amplified by Wadlow? And what about the cast? Moretz is awfully busy these days, who knows if her schedule will allow for her to reprise Hit Girl.

All things considered, is KICK-ASS 2 a flick you're unconditionally willing to back? Make your case below!

KICK-ASS hottie Lyndsy Fonseca

Extra Tidbit: Wadlow also directed NEVER BACK DOWN and is currently in pre-production on the action-thriller NON-STOP.
Source: Deadline



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