Hobo with a Shotgun's Jason Eisener to direct New York City Outlaws

Jason Eisener

Five years after the release of the awesome HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, director Jason Eisener is set to take the helm of a feature film that sounds like the perfect HOBO follow-up. Eisener will direct NEW YORK CITY OUTLAWS, based on the underground Outlaw Comics comic book that ran for five issues in the 1980s.

Created by Robert Huszar and Ken Landgraf, NEW YORK CITY OUTLAWS was inspired by the Walter Hill classic THE WARRIORS and centered on 

a group of vigilantes who join forces to rescue NYC from total anarchy during a prolonged police strike.

Bryan Connolly and Zack Carlson, host of the Vice series Outsider, have written the screenplay adaptation.

In the years since HOBO, Eisener has contributed short segments to the horror anthologies THE ABCs OF DEATH and V/H/S/2. He also served as an editor on the anthology SOUTHBOUND, and is currently working as second unit director on Adam Wingard's DEATH NOTE.

Eisener returning to the world of vigilantes with a comic book adaptation that owes a debt to THE WARRIORS? This is definitely something I need to see.

New York City Outlaws issue 1

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