Horror anthology In The Dark scores the talents of Playboy model Gwendolyn Sweet

Way back in October we told you about a nifty little horror anthology heading our way called NIGHT TERRORS. Now the thing was actually packing some major potential but not much has happened regarding the project since then.

But that changes today! Not only has NIGHT TERRORS undergone a title change to IN THE DARK, but we've also got details regarding it's third episode: "To Be Loved." According to a recent press release Playboy model Gwendolyn Sweet has just signed on to topline the project! Nice! Directed and written by Chris St. Croix, "To Be Loved" reads:

A twisted tale of love and sex gone wrong.

St. Croix added the following regarding Sweet's (below) signing: "Gwen is an incredible combination of sexy and sweet, which is perfect for her character, and she is fearless on camera. Trust me; if you like her pictures, you’ll get to see a whole lot more of her in the film."

And the hottie herself adds: "The character is sweet and innocent. But there is one pretty wild scene where she gets to fantasize about her darker, erotic side, and that’s definitely something I can’t wait for everyone to see. Let’s just say I’m not shy."

Unfortunately there's no telling when "To Be Loved" will find a release, or IN THE DARK for that matter, but as always we'll keep you updated.

Extra Tidbit: IN THE DARK/NIGHT TERRORS' first two episodes were 'The Keeper' and 'Dummy.'



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