Horror app Haunting Melissa gets a sequel

If you were 1 of the 5.5 million viewers to check out Hooked Digital Media’s horror app HAUNTING MELISSA then you’ll be excited to know that a sequel is already in the works and we’ve got all the goods right here. Read on!

HAUNTING MELISSA 2 will be available exclusively from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch later this year. The series was conceived, directed, and produced by Neal Edelstein, producer of hits such as THE RING, THE RING 2, and MULHOLLAND DRIVE. Best-selling author Andrew Klavan (True Crime, Don’t Say A Word) returned to pen Melissa’s new terrifying journey.

The sequel, designed specifically for a new generation of connected viewers, will continue the story of the first film, which took fans into the world of Melissa, a teenage girl who believes her recently deceased mother is haunting her. This next installment picks up one month after Melissa’s disappearance with her return home.

“When we first imagined Haunting Melissa, our intention was to create a world that could be endlessly explored on a terrifying and engaging journey with Melissa,” said Neal Edelstein, president, Hooked Digital Media. “The response to Haunting Melissa and our new distribution platform has been overwhelming. With the combined efforts of the creative team at Hooked Digital Media along with the talented cast and crew of Haunting Melissa 2, we’ll continue to push the boundaries of the horror genre using the proprietary distribution and story technology that we have created for Apple devices.”

HAUNTING MELISSA will harness Hooked Digital Media’s proprietary platform with Dynamic Story Elements (DSE), a patented technology that can change the story upon repeat viewing. The sequel was written specifically for Hooked Digital Media’s platform and will be released exclusively on Apple’s new iOS8.

It stars Kassia Warshawski as Melissa Strogue, Travis Nelson as Brandon, Barb Mitchell as Katherine Strogue, Greg Lawson as Jack Strogue, Lorette Clow as Dr. Carroway, Larry Reese as Mike Cole, Tom Carey as Officer Roy, Lisa Moreau as Amanda Maynard, and Stefanie Bartlett. Rising star Jenna Berman joins the cast as Emma along with newcomers Megan Tracz and Rohan Campbell.

Extra Tidbit: Did you guys check out the original app? Are you looking forward to its sequel?



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