Horror @ the Box Office: Feb 24-26 - Act Of Valor and Navy SEALs take the lead

Happy Monday, can you believe this was our last weekend in February? We’re ready to hit March, two months down in 2012 and the Box Office has quite been quite surprising.

Hitting number 1 over the weekend was the epic film about Navy SEALs (not to be confused with the one starring Michael Biehn) ACT OF VALOR. I actually didn’t know too much about this, and was surprised to see it win. But after watching the trailer and checking out some info, I can see the appeal for audiences and I really want to see it now.

Our genre release GONE barely made a dent, and it shall be gone by next week and forgotten about. Seems awfully strange considering how much advertising I saw for it, but as a whole it wasn’t appealing and the reviews weren’t great.

This week we have the limited Wednesday release of the Australian based on the real life serial killings THE SNOWTOWN MURDERS (these events took place closed to where I lived at the time, brrr). Other than that we have THE LORAX, PROJECT X and a few other limited releases such as BEING FLYNN.


1. Act Of Valor
$ 24.7 M NEW
2. Good Deeds
$ 16 M NEW
3. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
$ 13.4 M $ 76.7 M
4. Safe House
$ 11.4 M $ 98.1 M
5. The Vow
$ 10 M $ 103 M
6. Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance
$ 8.8 M $ 38.7 M
7. This Means War
$ 8.5 M $ 33.5 M
8. Wanderlust $ 6.6 M NEW
9. Gone $ 5 M NEW
10. The Secret World Of Arrietty $ 4.5 M $ 14.6 M

GONE's Amanda Seyfried

Extra Tidbit: Did you check out anything this weekend?



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