Horror @ the Box Office: Feb 3-5 - Chronicle and The Woman In Black have all the power and crush the competition

Happy Monday once again, hope you folks had a great weekend and if you cared about it, enjoyed the Super Bowl. Considering that it was Super Bowl weekend, I thought perhaps the Box Office might see a drop in numbers, but nope, a great battle was fought!

CHRONICLE and THE WOMAN IN BLACK battled it out at the Box Office, but there can be only one to win the battle, and that went to CHRONICLE who edged out James Watkins’ film by a mere $1 million. Both films received fairly positive reviews and word of mouth, and both films are ones we’ve been following on the site. It is fantastic to see them both make money and be on top, congrats!

THE GREY remained in the Top 5, still bringing in an audience, which is good to see it still up there. Rounding out the Top 5 was UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING, so basically 4 out of 5 films in the Top 5 are genre releases! Well done, I am really happy to see the genre getting out there and having some damn solid releases. Other films didn’t do as well, and brought in some pocket money.

End of the week we don’t have any genre releases, however we have the Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds actioner SAFE HOUSE, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson hopefully ending his family film run with JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, a Channing Tatum/Rachel McAdams snooze inducing flick THE VOW and George Lucas and co wanting more money with the re-release of STAR WARS: EPISODE I – THE PHANTOM MENACE in 3D.


1. Chronicle
$ 22 M NEW
2. The Woman In Black
$ 21 M NEW
3. The Grey
$ 9.5 M $ 34.7 M
4. Big Miracle
$ 8.5 M NEW
5. Underworld: Awakening
$ 5.6 M $ 54.3 M
6. One For The Money $ 5.2 M $ 19.6 M
7. Red Tails
$ 5 M $ 41.3 M
8. The Descendants
$ 4.6 M $ 65.5 M
9. Man On A Ledge
$ 4.5 M $ 14.7 M
10. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close $ 3.9 M $ 26.7 M

Extra Tidbit: Which film did you see this weekend? I saw CHRONICLE as THE WOMAN IN BLACK wasn't out in my neck of the woods.



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